Best practice solutions for Industry 4.0

Machines which communicate with each other, have mastered big data, and ensure optimized production — at Limtronik, this is a part of everyday life at the factory. We operate one of the most state-of-the-art factories in Germany in accordance with the tenets of Industry 4.0.

Cloud-capable systems assist with, among other things, the management of the systems and machines, which autonomously exchange data with each other, while at the same time keeping an eye on the order situation. The meticulous data logging, documentation, and assessment leads to process optimization and cost reductions across the entire supply chain. Automated control cycles and complete traceability avoid errors in the production process. Plans have been made to use default routines for process monitoring in the background in order to be able to react even more quickly to problems with the use of correlation analyses. For this purpose, big data analytics solution will be employed. The goal here is to avoid reductions in quality or even production downtime caused by problems with parts, process deviations, or signs that maintenance is necessary.

Hence, we provide the environment for the Industry 4.0 research and development platform of “SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V.” This is where the association develops solutions which pave the way to the digital future for SMEs.

The association specializes in developing Industry 4.0 solutions in Limtronik’s electronics factory under real-world production conditions. The focus here is on workable applications for SMEs. The “Smart Electronic Factory”, which is a part of the association, was put into operation in our factory in 2014. Since then, this is where best practice solutions for the fourth industrial revolution have been developed, tested, and validated. Renowned SMEs, large companies, and research institutions have joined the Industry 4.0 offensive. Here, equipment manufacturers, automation specialists, technology providers, and consulting companies collaborate in an interdisciplinary environment in order to develop viable solutions and standards for Industry 4.0, and to implement them consistently.

Such solutions range from intelligent production facilities and production planning to the analysis of quality, process, and machine data to automated error source identification systems, a big data analytics control cycle, and enterprise monitoring that is mobile and in 3D.

We enable companies to make the transition to a smart factory.

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