Switch cabinet assembly: Flexible switching

The cabinet assembly is one of the youngest departments at Limtronik. However, over 10,000 assembled mounting plates have delivered in four years.

Our services for you:

  • Switch cabinets or extracts according to your requirements

  • With your preferred material suppliers

  • Correct assembly and clear labeling of components and lines

  • Cable assembly up to 95 mm²

  • We can cut, punch and bend flexible copper busbars

  • The possibility of construction with our CAD system further enables us to offer specific solutions for massive copper bars.

  • Our partners support us in the production of these special parts. From the Laser and waterjet machining to the tinning - everything can be manufactured here.  

  • Functional checks and continuity checks after the installation help to avoid errors.

  • Transportation and Logistics are Transport are no problem for us

From a prototype to the final product

We are a full-service provider, among others in the field of electronic manufacturing — from the prototype to the packaged final product. The manufacturing of electronic components and modules ranges from the assembly of PCBs to the complete assembly of the final product according to the box build principle. This allows complex products to be produced by a single source, including manufacturing and assembly.

At Limtronik, the box build division is at the heart of the lean production initiative, thereby serving as a flagship project for all other areas, which are successively being expanded to allow for a transition to lean production.

Your contact person

For questions and information about switch cabinet and box build we are happy to help.

Philipp Jost

Phone: +49 (06431) 968-562
E-Mail: philipp.jost@limtronik.de

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