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Limtronik – The secure choice

We manufacture solutions for various fields of application in security technology. Through high efficiency and flexibility, we not only shorten the time-to-market for our clients’ products, but also establish significant economic advantages.

Security requires trust: Because quality and reliability are paramount in the security technology industry, this makes us the ideal partner.

We not only possess the corresponding certification, but also work according to the most stringent technological codes, in accordance with standards, as well as in adherence to legal regulations.

With process optimization through traceability, Limtronik sets new standards, and not only in this industry sector.

Medical expertise

Medical technology is one of the most innovative industries. New, progressive technologies and their implementation in sophisticated products are the motor for growth in this segment.

Hence, Limtronik fulfills the requirements of providers in this segment with a high level of problem-solving expertise and flexibility in the manufacture of complete solutions and electronic components.

With services such as special laser markings, Limtronik offers particular added value, and always remains state of the art. The corresponding materials management and logistics as well as other services ensure seamless workflows.

With certifications and traceability, indispensable factors in the industry such as quality and adherence to statutory regulations and standards are ensured. This allows the compliance guidelines required for medical technology to be fulfilled without any difficulty.

At home in all industries

As part of the process of specializing in various industrial sectors, Limtronik also focused on industrial control systems.

Whether it is electronic PCB assemblies, devices or systems – we manufacture a wide variety of customized electronic components according to the exacting requirements in this segment.

This enables companies for industrial control systems to outsource complex processes to our experts so that they can concentrate on their own core competencies and tap into potential savings.

Limtronik supports its customers not only with regard to sustainable implementation during the manufacturing process, but also thinks outside the box and is a competent partner in issues far beyond production – ranging from traceability to laser marking.

Ensuring adherence to standards and compliance

Our specialty is system integration and contract manufacture in the field of complex electronics with various applications, for example in the automotive sector.

In this regard, we advise and support our clients along the entire value creation chain. Depending on the client's requirements, this ranges from development and production to after-sales service.

Limtronik always offers the right solution, tailored to individual requirements.

We always have all quality and compliance requirements in view, and fulfill them to the best of our abilities.

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