Industry 4.0

Limtronik’s electronics factory lives and breathes Industry 4.0. With our “Smart Electronic Factory”, which is integrated into our production, we are the first EMS service provider which operates a “living” Industry 4.0 development platform. This ensures seamless digital processes and efficiency for our clients.

At the same time, Limtronik is a member and initiator of the “SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V.” This association brings together leading equipment manufacturers, automation specialists, technology providers, consulting companies, and university facilities. The objective of the initiative is to evaluate solutions with regard to Industry 4.0, to test them, and to implement them in the real world in order to make companies fit for the digital future. The focus here is on the requirements of SMEs. For this purpose, an Industry 4.0 research and demonstration platform was implemented in our factory.

Limtronik has one of the most state-of-the-art factories in Germany, and sets standards where Industry 4.0 is concerned. (Private) Cloud-ready systems control installations and machines, which autonomously exchange data and take into account the order situation and manufacturing conditions. Everything is logged, meticulously documented and evaluated in order to constantly optimize processes and to reduce costs across the entire supply chain. Automated control cycles for avoiding errors in the production process are as much a part of this as the optimization of personnel deployment or better networking with clients. But we also fulfill traceability requirements — the desire for transparent products. A wide variety of measures ensures the complete traceability of all modules and raw parts.

However, in all of this, the human factor still remains the top priority. Gerd Ohl, CEO at Limtronik, emphasizes: “We are on the path towards a truly intelligent factory, but without the creativity and know-how of people, none of it would function properly.”

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