Limtronik 2020 gains momentum

Large lot sizes and high quality in manufacturing on the one hand, and slim margins and cost pressure on the other are what characterize the electronics industry. Despite this, Limtronik is experiencing high demand and continuous growth. That is why lean production measures form a fundamental pillar of the “Limtronik 2020” concept.

Lean production is characterized by an ideal interaction between production and logistics for lean processes. Among other things, this is achieved through efficient process chaining, which leads to reduced throughput times and less stock in circulation. Furthermore, the cyclic supply of materials leads to the minimization of logistics costs, and a compact lean line design for reducing the amount of space needed.

Hence, for the ideal interaction between production and logistics, we are successively expanding our lean activities. For this purpose, we have trained internal “lean experts”. Through this systematic approach, we plan to make the transition to a purely lean production. The result will be comprehensive operations excellence, which leads to increases in productivity and quality, as well as increased delivery reliability and much more.

This will result in additional growth, quality, and efficiency to the client’s benefit.

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